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Thursday, December 6, 2007

A New Beginning

I have never had a real blog before, thoughI have always enjoyed thinking, learning, debating, arguing, and teaching. I finally decided that to truly have a sense of true global awareness I would have to find a way to share my views, beliefs and interests with a wider group of people than just friends, teachers and random people who I might never see or talk to again.

I am young (I won't reveal my age--society doesn't take truly consider anyone who doesn't have strings of letters after their name, or significant amounts of money), but I feel that my generation starts with a bigger advantage than any previous generation--whereas earlier generations were sheltered from "real" life, my generation has been raised by the television, the website and the independent journalist. We became aware of realities such as war, poverty, racism, sex and social jockeying for status and/or wealth at a much earlier age than our parents or grandparents. While this has made me cynical, it has also made me value the positive attributes of life a great deal more.

I don't have the wisdom that comes with age, but I do have a knack for understanding things and wrapping my mind around a new subject--the last thing I am is naive. The loss of innocence is nothing more than the acceptance of reality; a pragmatic approach to an issue or situation can be held by anyone. Ignore my age. Instead, focus on the idea. Feel free to disagree with what I write, feel free to ask questions, feel free to inform. But most importantly, remember that an issue is meaningless until people become aware of it. . . a vigorous exchange of ideas and knowledge is a catalyst for change. Listen to others, be heard by others, and help shape our world.

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